Welcome…Let’s Remodel!

Hello and welcome to The Paperhanger’s Daughter! Please take a few minutes to read the About page here on the blog to learn a little bit about me and how The Paperhanger’s Daughter came to be.

In full transparency, I was a bit nervous to start this blog and especially the Instagram that goes with it. I’m generally comfortable BEHIND the lens, not in front of it, but as I get older, I’m finding that I don’t worry as much about whether I’ll look silly on camera or whether I need to drop a few pounds. In all honesty, I’m excited. I’m excited to share the things going on in my life, good and bad. I’m excited to have a creative outlet again since it’s rare that I have time to devote time to professional photography anymore. I’m excited to document my adventures and milestones in my life.

Speaking of milestones, I sort of have a lot going on right now…in the form of a home remodel (among other things). It’s a long story, really, but basically, what started out as a small project in our backyard turned into a full-scale kitchen and bath remodel – with a few other things smaller improvements thrown in. Make sure you check my Instagram Stories because I’ll share the full saga there, along with our progress and before and afters. Here’s hoping for lots of patience and an easy renovation!