The Paperhanger’s Daughter was born out of my love for all things creative. From photography to interior design to art to graphic design – my passion for capturing beauty, emotion, the human spirit, and everything that’s special in the world drives me every day.

I am The Paperhanger’s Daughter. Quite literally. Growing up with a dad who could fix anything, create anything, and who had an unparalleled attention to detail left an impression on me, shaped who I am. I don’t think I realized that until he passed away recently, far too young. As I move forward toward a sense of my new normal, I see him in everything around me.

My dad was a contractor, a [wall]paperhanger by trade. As a child, I drove around with him estimating jobs, handing him tools, hanging out of car windows putting flyers in mailboxes, and learning to never settle for anything less than perfection (to both his and my detriment). My dad and I had a funny relationship and we clashed many times over the years, but as I embark on a home remodel that I’ve been wanting to do forever, a project my dad would have just eaten up, I’m struck by how many times I think…if only Dad were here.

It would be easy to be sad, but instead, I’m using this blog in his honor as an outlet for everything he taught me, all that creativity that still lives on in me.

I am Cristen…The Paperhanger’s Daughter.