Backsplash Love and General Construction Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here – construction is exhausting! In any case, we are making some great progress and, as of today, we have the kitchen floors, sink/faucet, countertops, and backsplash done! We also have the powder bath floors, countertops, and backsplash pretty much done.

Yep, I said, the BACKSPLASH is done! If you follow me over on Instagram (@thepaperhangersdaughter), you already know that we had some pretty significant challenges with a portion of the project that had seemed so simple. I’m not going to get into all of the details, but the root cause of our problem was that one of the main vertical support beams that just happens to be directly behind our cooktop/stove hood is not installed straight – best way I can think to explain is that it’s rotated about 30 degrees from being straight. We confirmed that it’s not a structural issue (phew!), but it is a challenge when you are trying to lay linear tile and your wall bows because the edge of the beam is not where it should be.

All’s well that ends well, right? After a bit of trial and error, we definitely found a fix that made it right. I am so happy with the final product!

I went with simple 4″ x 12″ white subway tiles. These are actually pretty budget-friendly, as I didn’t want to break the bank for the backsplash. You can find them on Lowe’s website here: Satori Hudson Brilliant White Glossy 4-in x 12-in Glossy Ceramic Wall Tile. Yes, I know there are a million different creative backsplashes out there, but as I’ve mentioned previously, simple and timeless are what I’m looking for; I will jazz it up with decor that I can change out as styles and color palettes change over the years.

You may also remember that we planned to use this same subway tile in our powder bath. We decided to take the backsplash all the way up the wall behind the vanity and lay it in a single herringbone pattern. I think it turned out pretty great, especially paired with the new countertops, light fixture, and statement mirror.

The flooring in the powder bath is still a work in progress. We went with a wood-look porcelain tile that won’t compete or try to blend in with our wood floors. You can find it here: Daltile Trellis Oak Colorbody Porcelain Floor in Natural Ash TR21. It’s lighter than our wood and has an oak grain. We actually went back and forth on quite a few different options here, but my husband (who is rarely opinionated on home decor or design) really felt strongly that this was the one. After seeing it installed, I’d say that it was the right call! We are still trying to get the grout right – the goal being for it to blend in, but it’s pretty light/white at the moment. We’ll figure it out though.

Lastly, our beautiful new formal dining room chandelier has been installed and it totally transforms the space – it adds drama! You can find it here: Pruitt Chandelier 9 Light Matte Black (PRUC5034MBK). Don’t let the pictures fool you – this chandelier is BIG and helps to fill the space left by our 2-story ceilings. I haven’t washed the glass globes yet, as it’s still pretty dirty and dusty in the house with all the construction, but I’ll get to that eventually. Is it bad that I now want to remodel this room too? That’s not exactly in the budget, but maybe…

Up next… cabinet paint! I think this may be the most dramatic change yet and I can’t wait to see how it comes out. Now if we can just decide on what color to choose…

5 thoughts on “Backsplash Love and General Construction Updates

  1. Hi, a question for your Trellis Oak – Natural Ash in the powder room. It seems very tan/brown in that photo, where as the samples I’ve seen have been grey/brown – closer to a dark grey. Do you feel the color in the photo represents what you see in real life? When I look at this photo it looks more like the Amber color.


    • We only looked at gray-toned wood-look options for this room, but I would say that this was one of the “tannest” gray options we looked at. I think the color of the cabinets and the wood floor pull the tan tones from it. I’d still say it’s a grey wood tone.


      • Thanks for your prompt reply. I agree the wood floor and cabinets probably enhance the wood tone. It’s so hard picking flooring when there aren’t many full photos of the tile/color to look at. Your photo is one of the first I’ve found online of the Natural Ash in real life! Sorry about the dual comments. I posted one and then wordpress wanted me to log in/reset password/sell my first born and I never saw it. Thanks again!


  2. Hello, quick question, I’m looking at using the Trellis Oak Natural Ash in our kitchen/dining area. The larger photo of the tile it looks very tan to me. Our samples look much more grey, but with some brown in it. Do you feel your photo well represents the color in real life?

    Also, love the countertops! We have very similar taste!


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